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This website is dedicated to the history and ancestors of the American Quarter Horse. Each horse comes with a photograph, pedigree, performance and breeding record when available. It all started with the Western Horseman Legends series. This site is a work in progress. Help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

In 1968, the American Quarter Horse Association commissioned
Orren Mixer to paint “the ideal American Quarter Horse”. 

In the late 1600s, colonists in Virginia and the Carolinas loved horse racing. The races took place on the main streets of small towns. Since most main streets were a quarter of a mile long, the horses were known as Quarter-Milers. Soon they were called Quarter Horses.


On his second voyage to America, Columbus brings Spanish horses to the New World. They are the only horses in American at this time.

Early 1600s

To clear the forests and plow the land, Southern colonists need “horse” power. They use Spanish horses and imported other breeds.

Late 1600s

English and Spanish horses in American have been cross-bred. Their offspring compete in quarter-mile races.


The American Revolution begins. Quarter Horses carry soldiers and haul supplies between colonies.


Pioneers are moving westward from the 13 original colonies. Quarter Horses pull the pioneers’ wagons for hundreds of miles.


Swift Quarter Horses join the Pony Express! Relay riders carry mail from Missouri to California in just eight days.


Texas cowboys on Quarter Horses lead their cattle to faraway markets. On these “long drives,” Quarter Horses keep herds from straying.


Henry Ford begins to manufacture the Fordson tractor. Tractors, which can pull heavy machines, replace horses on many farms.


The American Quarter Horse Association begins to register (list) all Quarter Horses. Wimpy P1, the first horse listed, is a Texas champion.


There are 3,189.605 (2008 AQHA Annual Report) registered Quarter Horses world-wide. Some of them are legendary.

Extensive Quarter Horse History, click here. 


Vist the website from the AQHA 

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