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The Other Other page




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This is where i'll post my ideas on how to take over the world and get rich quick. im never going to stop procrastinating so feel free to use any you like. some will be odd, and not make sense to you, but they could work


  • Buy out all the stock in Starbucks,  close it as a corperation, theninstantly reopen it as a privately owned company, then stop supplying coffe to one country at a time until they submit to your rule. it helps to own Dunkin Donuts too.


  • Buy an island in the middle of the Pacific. make it your own country. bring a few pals and make it a complete democracy. Now you have 2 options on how to get tons of moolah:

1) Declare war on the United States. as soon as they show up on the horizin with their big helicopter gunships surrender, they will owe you repairation money. :)




2) Join the UN. seeing as you just spent all your money on an island, you'll be the poorest nation on earth. they'll also love you because you have acheived complete  democracy instead of a democratic republic. they'll shower you in money.

here's a quick way to come up with an ingeneous scheme of your own :) click here