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Välkommen till min sida. Det här blir någon slags freeform blog, nu när jag har börjat lägga up foton på internet med Picasa. 


Hot news item: The trip to Lake Siljan with Steffen was a success.  Very enjoyable trip, although the experience was somewhat marred by the complete lack of leaves on the trees and a mild ache in my left leg that set in at least five or six kilometers before the end.   Nevertheless, I plan on returning with a tent and more time.

We spent the first day walking through the small (empty) tourist town of Leksand to the hostel and walking through the woods on mud- or ice-covered trails south of the lake.  The going was hard, unrewarding, and slow on the way out, but on the way back it was much nicer.  We had a beer and some "Mexicansk"  food at a deli/pub in town after we got back.

The second day was much more positive.  It started out foggy and quiet; frost covered everything and birds sang a muted song.  By the time we crossed the bridge across Österdalälven, the sun had managed to drive away the morning.  We were presented with a cool spring day, with varying sun and clouds the rest of the day. 

I traced our steps in Google Earth, and the total distance hiked is 30-35 km.  With over 200 pictures taken, that's 6.25 pictures per km.  Aren't you glad you know that?


Old news:  Going to Siljan (en, sv) this weekend  (of the 15th) for some off-season nature hikes.



 Still older news: Newest photos are here! (march 2008)