Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson co-ordinates the Quantum Systems online project from Oxford. He can be contacted at

Stephen Wilson has published over 300 scientific papers and reviews, principally in theoretical and computational chemistry and molecular physics, but also in computing science and numerical analysis. 

Wilson was educated at the County Grammar School of King Edward VII, Market Harborough, where he was awarded the Bragg Prize for Science in 1968. He gained a place at University of Bristol obtaining his B.Sc. in chemistry in 1971. He remained in Bristol and carried out research on the spin-coupled valence bond theory, under the direction of the late Dr. Joseph Gerratt, gaining a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry in 1975. Stephen is currently writing an autobiography with the working title Computational Quantum Chemistry - Recollections and Reflections.

Dr. Wilson has written three books Electron correlation in molecules (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1984), reprinted by Dover Publications in 2007, and Chemistry by Computer: An overview of the applications of computers in chemistry (Plenum Press, 1986) and, with Ivan Hubac in Bratislava, Brillouin-Wigner Methods for many-body Systems (Springer, 2010). 

He has edited some 25 volumes. He is Editor-in-Chief of the major reference work Handbook of Molecular Physics and Quantum Chemistry (Wiley, 2003), Series Editor of Methods in Computational Chemistry (Plenum) and an Executive Editor of the book series Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics (Springer). Dr. Wilson holds a D.Sc. from the University of Bristol.

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