2007 QSCP Workshop

A Workshop for Chemists and Physicists interested in the quantum many-body problem

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Guidelines for oral presentations to the QSCP-XII workshop

Here are some guidelines that we would like to suggest to speakers when creating their presentation for the QSCP-XII workshop:

Please use digital presentations if possible. (Overheads can’t be projected as efficiently and can be difficult to read.) It will be assumed that speakers will use a data projection via a Windows-based PC.

Adobe Acroreader, in landscape mode, is our preferred software. PowerPoint can also be used.

Avoid large distracting logos.

Please use dark text on a light background to ensure maximum legibility.

Use plain fonts (Verdana is ideal), preferably 24 point or bigger.

Scanned images can look fuzzy, please ensure they are readable from a distance when enlarged.

Avoid busy slides with too many bullet points.

Copies of all speaker presentations will be requested 2 week prior to the workshop so they can be loaded onto a PC in the lecture theatre. However, speakers are advised to bring a copy of their presentation on either a CD, USB memory stick, or their laptop.

Useful links

Recent Advances in the Theory of Chemical and Physical Systems

Handbook of Molecular Physics and Quantum Chemistry

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