2007 QSCP Workshop

A Workshop for Chemists and Physicists interested in the quantum many-body problem

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Scope and purpose

The annual Quantum Systems in Chemistry & Physics (QSCP) Workshops bring together chemists and physicists interested in quantum systems in molecular, nano and material sciences. The emphasis of the QSCP Workshops is on many-body methods: the development of innovative theory and its computational realization, together with their application to a broad range of problems.

QSCP Workshops have been held every year since 1996. The first meeting was held in San Miniato, near Pisa. It was recognized that, although the prospects for the theoretical study of quantum systems in chemistry and physics had progressed radically since the dawn of the computer age, computation on its own was not enough; new theoretical work had to be encouraged to extend both the range of problems amenably to study and the accuracy of applications in a range of areas. It was felt that such progress could only be made on a European scale. The community agreed and the QSCP Workshops are now an established fixture in the calendar of leading researchers in this area.

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