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Frontiers in Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics
edited by Stephen Wilson, Peter Grout, Jean Maruani,  Geraldo Delgado-Barrio and Piotr Piecuch

Advances in the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Systems
Conceptual and Computational Advances in Quantum Chemistry

edited by Piotr Piecuch, Jean Maruani,  Geraldo Delgado-Barrio and Stephen Wilson

Advances in the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Systems
Dynamics, Spectroscopy, Clusters, and Nanostructures

edited by Piotr Piecuch, Jean Maruani,  Geraldo Delgado-Barrio and Stephen Wilson

Latest addition to the series:

Brillouin-Wigner Methods for Many-Body Systems
by Ivan Hubac and Stephen Wilson

"This book on "Brillouin-Wigner methods for many-body systems" by Hubac and Wilson is perhaps the first comprehensive treatise on the subject. The authors are both internationally recognised experts in the field and are to be congratulated on their clear and thorough presentation of the present 'state of the art'. I recommend the book to anyone working in the field."

Roy McWeeny,

Emeritus Professor, University of Pisa, Italy

"I strongly recommend the book by Professors Hubac and Wilson on Brillouin-Wigner Perturbation Theory.  From their masterly introduction to the most technical details, this book will be an inspiration to anyone interested in the use of modern perturbation theory in theoretical chemistry and physics."

Henry F. Schaefer III,

Graham Perdue Professor of Chemistry and
Director of the Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry,
University of Georgia, USA

"The book of I.Hubac and S.Wilson is very comprehensive.What is particularly interesting is a new fresh look on intruder state problem. Any serious student of Brillouin Wigner theory applied for many body systems should read this book." 

J. Cížek,

Emeritus Professor, University of Waterloo,Canada

"Ever since the introduction of the Brillouin-Wigner version of the coupled-cluster method by Hubac and Neogrady in 1994, there has been a conspicuous attention paid to this approach, particularly by the Slovak and Czech quantum chemistry schools. Although lacking the exact size-extensive property, its attractiveness stems primarily from its ability to overcome the problems of intruder states that often plague standard multireference approaches. It is commendable that the authors gathered in this monograph the relevant up to date developments in this field of endeavour. The book will undoubtedly be very much appreciated by both students and practitioners dealing with molecular electronic structure calculations."

Josef Paldus,

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo, Canada


Handbook of Molecular Physics and Quantum Chemistry

Editor-in-Chief: S. Wilson 
Associate Editors:
P.F. Bernath, 
R. McWeeny

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