Lecture Schedule

Date Lecture Topic Speaker  Slides  Supplementary
Reading and Viewing Material
3/15/2015 Introduction to
Quantum Robotics
Prateek  Lect1.pdf  --
3/22/2015 Principles of
Quantum Mechanics
Prateek Lect2.pdf  
Wittek Ch 3

Zwiebach Online Course

3/29/2015 Concepts from
Quantum Computation
Prateek Lect3.pdf   
Wittek, Ch 4

Vazirani Online Course

Tarrataca et al., 2011

4/5/2015 Quantum Operating
Principles (QOPs) in
Machine Learning
Prateek Lect4.pdf  
Wittek Part 3

Lloyd et al., 2013

Shuld et al., 2014

4/12/2015 Quantum Principal
Component Analysis
Prateek Lect5.pdf  
Tutorial on Classical PCA
(for those unfamiliar)

Wittek Section 10.3
Lloyd et al., 2013

Notes on Quantum Eigenvalue /
Phase Estimation (Melkebeek 2010)

4/19/2015 Quantum Artificial
Neural Networks
Prateek Lect6.pdf 
Wittek Ch 6, 11

Schuld et al., 2014

 4/26/2015 Quantum
Tanay   Lect7.pdf
Ch 8, 13

Bisio et al., 2010

 5/3/2015 Quantum
Stanley   Lect8.pdf
Ch 10.5-8

Aimeur et al., 2007

Quantum Clustering
Additional References

 5/10/2015 Quantum Agent
Prateek  Lect9.pdf  
Paparo et al., 2014
 5/17/2015 Quantum Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (QOMDPS) Prateek  Lect10.pdf  
Tutorial on Classical POMDPs 
(for those unfamiliar)

Barry et al., 2014
 5/24/2015 Theory of
Quantum Control
Ben Lect11.pdf   
Dong and Petersen, 2009
 5/31/2015Model Checking of
Quantum Robots
(Part 1)
 Ying et al., 2014

Quantum Support
Vector Machines
 Prateek Lect13.pdf 
Ch 10.4, 12.2-3

Anguita et al., 2003

Neven et al., 2008

Robentrost et al., 2014

 6/14/2015Quantum Adiabatic Optimization
(and application
to Boosting)
Prateek Lect14.pdf 
Ch 14

Neven et al., 2008

Neven et al., 2009

Pudenz et al., 2014

Bayes Nets
O'Gorman et al., 2014

 6/28/2015Model Checking of
Quantum Robots
(Part 2) 
 Zhiyang Lect16.pdf 
Ying et al., 2014

 7/5/2015 Quantum
Kalman Filtering
 Ben Lect17.pdf
Benavkin 1998 

Geremia et al, 2003 

 7/12/2015Survey of Quantum Information TopicsTanay Lect18.pdf 
Schor 2000

Wilde 2015
 7/19/2015 Key Implementation Strategies for Quantum Computers Stanley Lect19.pdf
DiVinenzo 2000

DWave 2015
Quantum Implementations
Additional References

 7/26/201No Meeting-

 8/2/2015Reversible Computing, Quantum Computation, and Entropy AlexLect20.pdf
Perumalla 2013

De Vos 2010

 8/9/2015Quantum Manifold LearningPrateek Lect21.pdf
Clayton 2005

Aimeur et al., 2007 

8/16/2015Hidden Quantum 
Markov Models
 Prateek Lect22.pdf  
Monras et al., 2011

Clark et al., 2014

Vidyasagar 2005

8/23/2015 No Meeting-
 8/31/2015No Meeting  
 9/6/2015No Meeting   
 9/13/2015Preliminary Computational Models for Neuro-Quantum AI   PrateekLect23.pdf 

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