What is Quantum Robotics?

Theoretical: Application of principles of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computation, Quantum Algorithms to Robotics. This requires a forward extrapolation of current literature from fields such as Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Multi-agent Systems, Design Automation of Quantum Robots, Theory of Quantum-Scale Control Systems, Search and Planning with Quantum Heuristics, Quantum Adiabatic Hardware, etc to robots. The goal is to obtain insight into what these systems can do that improve upon the functions of classical robotic systems.

Experimental: Application of Robotic and Engineering principles to aid development and implementation of Quantum Computers and Quantum Computation. The key is to obtain understanding of how current engineering frameworks can improve to better contribute to the reality of practical Quantum Computing. An understanding of current engineering challenges is essential to our exploration of Quantum Robotics.

Part of the the goal of the reading group is to understand what Quantum Robotics may look like, and what new things may be possible. Nobody knows what a Quantum Robot will do or be capable of! At the moment, science fiction/hollywood predict that the quantum robot's eyes will glow with some LED color, perhaps red or green. Hopefully quantum robots can solve some interesting problems for us though!