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         What is KNIME?
           KNIME, the Konstanz Information Miner is a user-friendly and comprehensive 
           opensource data analytics and integration platform. It seamlessly supports the entire
           data process workflow covering data loading, integration, processing, analysis,
           visualization and reporting.

           KNIME enables the user to visually create data flows(often referred to as pipelines),
           selectively execute some or all analysis steps, and later investigate the results through
           interactive views on data and models.
KNIME connects your data to diverse scientific tools

               KNIME includes powerful visualizations such as...


         Interactive histograms summarize             Correlation views quickly highlight
         trends in data.                                      interesting connections between

        Scatter plots show two-dimensional              With the KNIME chemistry plug-in,
        visualizations of large data sets.                   molecular structures, cell assay
        In combination with KNIME's hiliting               images, and other data types
        feature, powerful cross-view selections         can be processed to analyze life
        (visual brushing) are also possible.                science data sets.