Web Design

Whilst you're here, you will notice that the box above contains links to other pages under this section.

After reading this page the first one you should look at is probably 'Photos & Images'.

There is also a navigation bar at the bottom of the page that was produced automatically. If you would like navigation to sub-pages in a box like the one above simply go to the 'Insert' menu (top left when in edit mode) and select 'Sub-page listing'.

Once you have inserted a 'Sub-page listing'  box it will update automatically.

The advantage of the navigation bar at the bottom is that it is created automatically.
The disadvantage of the navigation bar at the bottom is that, on long pages, it is 'below the fold' and can't readily be seen.

To demonstrate I've put in a few blank paragraphs so that you will have to scroll down to see the menu bar.

Look! The menu's all the way down here.