Workshop on  "Quantization of Spectral Curves"

Place: Osaka City University, 
Date: Monday (afternoon), November 2nd to Friday, November 6th.    

There will be a conference dinner at Nonohana House, on Wednesday, November 4th at 6 pm.  For those who wish to attend the dinner, please send an email to
okado[at]sci.osaka-cu.ac.jp by Monday 3pm.


1. Quantum curves: quantization of Hitchin spectral curves, TQFT, CohFT, and counting on the moduli spaces;
2. WKB analysis: classical differential equations, Painlevé analysis and their recent appearances in string theory (GMN theory);
3. K2 Lagrangians: conjectural knot invariants (super A-polynomials) from physics, the mathematical developments of quantization associated
to them, and BPS counts;
4. Singularity theory: new developments in relation to the Topological Recursion, quantum curves, and FJRW theory.