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Assessing Market Action With Indicators And History

Quantifiable Edges


Assessing Market Action With Indicators And History


Introducing the first newsletter to quantify every trade idea based on historical precedents: 


Would you like to trade the individual trades that comprise the CBI?


Would you like detailed CBI analysis for sectors instead of just the general market?


Would you like to see quantified trade ideas in large-cap stocks and ETF’s directly from Rob Hanna?


Other newsletters show you a setup and tell you it’s good.  The Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letter shows you just how good that setup has been in the past – both for the individual security as well as for select lists of large cap stocks and ETF’s.


Detailed Market Analysis

The analysis provided in the Quantifiable Edges Newsletter starts with Rob’s analysis of the broad market.  Indicators of price, volume, breadth and sentiment are looked at within the context of historical precedents.  Rob continually monitors market action and conducts studies to find how the market reacted under similar conditions in the past.  Several of these general market studies are posted to the Quantifiable Edges Blog.  The front page of the newsletter shows Rob’s short-term and intermediate-term trading bias.  This bias helps in the more detailed evaluations and trade setups discussed later in the letter.


Capitulative Breadth Indicator (CBI) Detailed Analysis

In 2005 after conducting a detailed study of capitulative market action, Rob developed his Capitulative Breadth Indicator (CBI).  Since the Quantifiable Edges Blog began in January 2008 he has posted CBI readings to the blog along with analysis of those readings.  The basic reading is a simple count of the number of active triggers in Rob’s Catapult trades.  The Catapult is a long-only strategy that is employed for large-cap stocks.  For the first time the Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letter will allow subscribers to track and partake in the individual Catapult trades. 


CBI analysis is useful not only for the general market but also when evaluating sector action.  The Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letter will show a detailed breakdown of capitulative action found in sectors.


Quantified Trade Ideas

Most nights the Quantifiable Edges Newsletter will also post trade setups for the next day.  The focus of the trade setups will depend on our overall market bias.  The list of securities used for the trades will be comprised of about 150 large cap stocks and 100+ heavily traded ETF’s.  All setups will feature historical data showing how the same setup has fared in the past on a like group of stocks or ETF’s as well as the individual symbol being tracked.


Hit List of Stocks to Watch

Lastly, The Quantifiable Edges Newsletter will provide a watch list of stocks that Rob believes could be setting up in the next several days.  This list is another resource that traders may use to find ideas for either day or swing trading.


Pricing Information

For a limited time the Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letter will be available at an introductory price of $75/month or $750/year.  Subscribers may cancel within 21 days and recieve their money back should they not find value in the Quantifable Edges Subscriber Letter.

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Feb 18th, 2008 Subscriber Letter


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