History of the Yawurenyi

    Classical Yawurenyi, also called Gasigsat Yawurenyi, was spoken some 4500 years ago in the mountains throughout southern and eastern Gasigsat (the continent of Vanafanyu).
    It is now considered to be a very close relative of Eshkalan Yawurenyi (spoken across the Sekal Tak Straight in Eshkalan, now home to the Prætiridífin). Eshkalan has subsequently been supplanted by the daughter languages of Classical Yawurenyi, most notably Valley or Eyani Yawurenyi.
    Both Gasigsat and Eshkalan are completely unrelated to Ryaasunr Yawurenyi, which now survives only in ceremonial usage and given names, with little to nothing known of its early speakers. Interestingly, the word “Yäwurêyi” is a direct borrowing from this ceremonial tongue with no distinctly Gasigsat or Eshkalan word for the language or the people ever being attested.