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Ceremonial Language

Information for the general public about Ceremonial Yawurenyi (Ör-Yäwurenyi -- Heavenly Yawurenyi) is strictly limited by the temples. Most of what is known are parts of names and their meanings.
It is generally assumed to be Subject-Verb-Object like Classical Yawurenyi, but most likely isolating. Posessives may be marked with -ëya at the end of the word, though the source for this is a dubious text written by an anonymous author.
Some words attested in Ceremonial Yawurenyi are culturally unusual, and likely come from questionable sources, or younger priests and priestesses granting the desires of some people to name their children with exotic concepts such as "dragon" or "elf."
Ör-Yawurenyi is written in one of two related scripts: Souyoryew (Moonflower) used by priestesses, and Wafihuu (Lightning) used by priests. The only time it is written in the standard Yawurenyi script is when it is used in given names and the words "souyoryew," "wafihuu" and "yawurenyi" which have been borrowed into Classical Yawurenyi and its descendants.