Vanafanyu Q&A

Questions and Answers about Myuri, Quanafi, Yäwurenyi, and local Humans 


  • Do Myuri mark their territory?
    • Yes, with carefully written signs adorned with glorious scent signals. Myuri never mark their scent on someone else's property, even if it is in their territory.
  •  How do Myuri feel about spaying and neutering?
    • Of Myuri it is a heinous crime, but of domestic animals it is a good idea. Stalled in permanent kittenhood, they are not capable of nor should they be expected to care for themselves or to provide for their young. The starvation and homelessness of domestics, especially kittens, is very serious, and until humans can be trained to provide for the domestics better, neutering is a good method of preventing neglect, abuse, and even murder of domestics and their kittens. 
  • What common human foods can Myuri not eat?
    • Is it meat or dairy? If not, then Myuri probably won't bother eating it.  They also won't eat things with chemical additives, or cold food (except ice cream and water!). They cannot have chocolate.


  • Is there a specific way or formula for asking questions in Quanafi?
    • Generally, rising intonation at the end of the sentence is used in spoken instances. Poetically you can move the verb to the beginning as "Na Dazi Quanafi-anan?" and some authors use this in prose as well (prose is still far less common than poetry). Unless you are reciting poetry, this verb movement is not used in speech. 
  • What common human foods can Quanafi not eat?
    •   Surprisingly, peanuts are a major one. Alcohol and coffee are also problem foods. Chocolate is actually quite popular with Quanafi.


  •  Why does one of the pictures of the Alpine Yäwu use the Great Wall of China as its backdrop?
    • Simple, as cameras steal your soul, they refused to have actual photographs taken, and when presented with the avatar maker, they decided they liked the mountains in that background. They want to know what a "Tyaina" is though. 
  • How did the peculiar colors of the Yäwurenyi evolve?
    • Camouflage of course! Common Yäwurenyi originally dwelt in dense forests, and were primarily nocturnal. Their dark blue coloring matched the shadows that prevailed, so they were less easily seen by predators. Alpine Yäwurenyi dwell primarily on alpine glaciers, which have a bluish cast to their overall whiteness. Not being seen is very key to not being eaten with no trees for shelter. 
  • What common human foods can Yäwurenyi not eat?
    • Chocolate's the big one. Also, most processed foods don't sit well with them. They have a moral objection to eating the native moonfish as they associate it with certain religious traditions.


  • Ask me something!


  •  Ask me something!


  •  Ask me something!


  •  Where does the picture of ε Eridani come from?
    • This and all other pictures from space are generated with the program Celestia, as I am too low budget to fly out their in my private spaceship!
  • Do the any of these conpeople have standardized recreational sports or games?
    • Definitely. Among Yäwurenyi and Myuri, hunting games and hunting-mimicking games are popular (such as archery competitions, or chasing a "skeet" of sorts). Among Quanafi and Yäwurenyi board games are common, generally involving 8-sided dice or tossing stones onto the board. Quanafi enjoy games of imagination, ranging from playing house to RPGs. For all of them ball sports are popular, with the exact nature of the game differing by the culture. Humans play games similar to their Terran counterparts.

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