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Self Storage Rules

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Self Storage Rules

 1.        Tenant is responsible for insurance on contents of their unit.  Quality Rental Center, Inc. carries no insurance for the contents of a tenant’s unit.

2.       We do not send out bills.  Tenant must remember that rents are due on the 1st of each month.

3.       Tenant is responsible for any damage to premises by vehicles or persons associated with tenant.

4.       Potential drips of fluids from stored mechanical equipment must be prevented from leaking on concrete with plastic or other material under equipment.  Tenant is responsible for any damage or staining of floors in units.

5.       No items of a hazardous or illegal nature may be stored on the premises.

6.       No alterations or improvements to the premises.

7.       No trash or waste material allowed.

8.       No human or animal occupancy.

9.       No subletting of premises.

10.    No circular locks allowed on units. 

11.     No signs to be placed on premises.

12.    Tenant is required to give 30 days notice prior to termination of rental agreement.

13.    When moving out, unit must be completely empty and floor swept.  Area in front of unit must also be clear of any debris.