Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson

Patricia Nan Anderson is an expert in child development and learning with over thirty years' experience in innovative programming, public speaking, and guidance of parents and teachers of young children.
A long-time professor of early childhood education, Dr. Anderson is a sought-after speaker to Head Start staff, parents' groups, teachers' organizations, and social service agencies, particularly in areas of parent development and early learning. She is a pioneer in online teaching and learning.
Dr. Anderson is the author of numerous articles and manuals, including the book Parenting: A Field Guide and Developmentally Appropriate Parenting
She is Managing Director of the Certified Trainer of Early Childhood Educators (CTECE) credential program and the founder of the site for teachers and caregivers, The Skillful Teacher. Dr. Anderson is an approved STARS trainer in Washington State, a Master Trainer in Oregon, and an approved trainer in Illinois. The Skillful Teacher is recognized as an approved provider in Washington and an authorized entity in Illinois.

In addition, Dr. Anderson is Director of the Association for Early Childhood Trainers and Educators.  Find out more on her website at www.PatriciaNanAnderson.com.  She was named an Exceptional Master Leader by Child Care Exchange magazine.

Dr. Anderson lives in Seattle with three springer spaniels. She dotes on her grandchildren.