Welcoming Families Well
Building an engaged community

You and the children's parents are a team, though sometimes you wish your teammates would try harder!
                  • If you are frustrated by some parents' lack of interest and engagement in their children's education,
                  • If you are annoyed by some parents' apparent lack of respect for you and what you do,
                  • If you are disturbed by some parents' almost willful disregard for what's best for little kids...
... If you've ever felt this way, then you need the strategies presented in this session.

Here you will find out why parents act the way they do, how you can help them to meet you more than halfway, and what you will gain when you take the time to invite parents in. You'll learn specific techniques you can use right away.

Oh, I know what you're thinking: "I do invite parents and they ignore me!" 

But I also know what you might be doing wrong.... 

Come find out and find out how to get your first interactions with parents off to a collaborative, positive start now, at the beginning of a new year together. 

Take this course via web-based video presentation. Earn 2 professional development hours and get a certificate of completion. Cost is just $23.