Off to a Good Start
Launching the year in the first two weeks

It's true that how you start the year sets the stage for the entire year and makes things go smoothly or sets you up for struggle.

In this session, we'll consider how your classroom's physical environment sends messages before you even say a word and how to arrange things so the messages you want to send are the ones that are received. 

We'll talk about the emotional and psychological environment too, and how your thoughts and feelings are communicated almost accidentally in ways you may not notice. 

Finally, we'll examine your priorities for the first two or three weeks with your new group. We'll figure out what is really important and what can wait till later.

These are simple things that most teachers take for granted: environment, teacher perceptions, and priorities. Few teachers realize the impact these three elements can have, for good or for worse. Once you've participated in this session, you'll know

You'll know and you'll be ready to get the year off to a wonderful beginning.

Take this course via web-based video presentation. Earn 2 professional development hours and get a certificate of completion. Cost is just $23.