Getting to Know You
Initial child assessment and goal setting

Every child is a unique individual, with her own talents, predispositions, and quirks. The key to a successful year starts with getting to know each child and figuring out where the two of you will go this year.

In this session, we'll consider each child with an open mind, noticing challenges that are strengths in disguise, and deciding on the best way to develop the talents we see and the abilities we don't see just yet. We'll think about developmental milestones, temperament, interaction styles, and executive functions. These are our baseline.

Then we'll consider the goals to set for each child but even more for ourselves. We'll understand how the funny, squirmy, sweet people before us shape our plans for the year and set the path for learning.

Have you ever taken the time to really think about your class at the start of the year? If not, this is the year to do exactly that. 

This is the session that will show you how.

Take this course via web-based video presentation. Earn 2 professional development hours and get a certificate of completion. Cost is just $23.