Same workshops as in 2015 but more hours at a lower price!

Make this a terrific fall!

Enjoy three great workshops and earn 6 hours of professional development credit or .6 CEUs, right from your own computer or device. FallCon will jump-start your new school year with fresh thinking about parents, children, and your learning environment. 

Best of all, this terrific professional development is offered to you in a most convenient and engaging way, as live webinars with recorded video of each webinar later. 

Earn 5 hours of professional development in whatever state registry is yours. Since The Skillful Teacher is an approved organization in Washington State and an authorized entity in Illinois, we'll record your hours for you in the STARS/MERIT or Gateways registry. 

No matter what your state registry, you'll get a Certificate of Completion for each of your sessions. 

Who Should Enroll?

You, of course!  

FallCon is designed for early childhood teachers, assistant teachers, directors, and owners. Each session is useful to you if you work in a child care center, a preschool, or a family child care home. 

Many of our sessions are also helpful to teachers of kindergarten and the primary grades too.


You're a busy person. Why should you sign up? 

You'll get GREAT information and guidance from Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson, one of the wisest and most-fun presenters around. That's reason enough to sign up right there.

But the benefits keep coming. Usually, to hear Dr. A speak for on three topics, you'd have to travel someplace, stay overnight, get babysitters for your kids and your dog and find someone to fill in for you at work. Or you'd have to sit in a boring, uncomfortable classroom at your center with all your charming coworkers, instead of hanging out at home or in your office by yourself. But not here! 

This workshop series happens wherever you are, right on your own computer or other Internet-connected device. View the entire series in your "spare time." You have as much time as you need to complete each workshop.

Best of all, you earn professional development hours you can apply to your annual requirement, all at cost that won't empty your pocketbook.  

How Does This Work?

First, enroll. After you enroll, you'll be sent the links to your workshops. You can view the workshop videos any time you like and even again and again.

When you complete each workshop video, you'll find directions for completing an emailed reflection. This reflection is what triggers your certificate and your professional development hours. When we receive your reflection, Dr. Anderson will reply to you and issue your certificate.

It's that simple! If you can watch an online video you can do this!

What Does It Cost?

Not much. And even less if you enroll with a friend.

Get all six hours of professional development for just $10 an hour. That's a bargain! Get an even greater bargain by enrolling with a friend or two, or even with your entire staff. Details on the Enrollment page.

Get Ahead of your Challenges 

Remember last year? Maybe you struggled after the first month or two of the school year to get parents involved. Maybe there was one parent in particular who was a challenge for you. Learn strategies that engage even the most stubborn moms and dads.

Maybe there was a child you realized, halfway into the year, was just not making any progress. What could you have done differently if you'd started sooner? Get help for that at FallCon and this year you'll have no regrets.

And maybe last year, after a week or two, things just sort of fell apart. There was fighting and unhappiness. You felt frustrated. When you tried to get things back under control, they just got worse. Find out what you can do differently this year, to get things moving more smoothly, right from the start.

FallCon presents three workshops in the three trouble spots most teachers and caregivers face. If you didn't struggle with these last year, this is the year you might! Join the conversation and share your experiences and successes, as you pick up tips to make your practice even stronger.

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Get fresh ideas and new ways of managing the challenges you face every day. 

Get memorable, dynamic training at a cost that fits your budget. 

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