List of Participants 
(in alphabetical order per working group) 

Group 1: HDR Images and Privacy
Tutor: Athanassios Skodras, University of Patras, GR
  • Dragana, Dordevic (RT-RK Institute for Computer Based Systems, Novi Sad, RS)
  • Korshunov, Pavel (EPFL, CH)
  • Krasula, Lukas (Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ): abstract
  • Nemoto, Hiromi (EPFL, CH)

Group 2: Incentives, Gamification and Social Context
Tutor: Katrien de Moor, Ghent University, BE & Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO

  • Mavriki, Anna (Hellenic Open University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, GR and BE): abstract
  • Mazza, Filippo (IRCCyN, University de Nantes, FR): abstract
  • Rios Quintero, Miguel (TU-Berlin, DE)
  • Yi, Zhu (Delft University of Technology, NL): abstract

Group 3: Reliability and Quality Assurance
Tutor: Pedro Casas, Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW), AT

  • Masoura, Melpomeni (University of Patras, GR)
  • Mourelatos, Evangelos (University of Patras, GR)
  • Paudel, Indira (UPMC, INT, FR)
  • Sieber, Christian (University of Wuerzburg, DE)

Group 4: 3D Video and TV
Tutor: Patrick le Callet, University of Nantes, FR

  • Hanhart, Philippe (EPFL, CH): abstract
  • Kaller, Ondrej (Brno University of Technology, CZ)
  • Tavakoli, Samira (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ES): abstract

Group 5: Mobile Crowdsourcing and Eye Tracker
Tutor: Matthias Hirth, University of Würzburg, DE

  • Hupont, Isabelle (Aragon Institute of Technology, ES): abstract
  • Lebreton, Pierre (TLabs / Berlin Univ. Technology, DE)
  • Mäki, Toni (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI): abstract
  • Skodras, Evangelos (University of Patras, GR): abstract

Group 6: Video Quality
Tutor: Kjell Brunnström, Acreo Swedish ICT AB & Mid Sweden University, SE

  • Muhammad, Shahid (Blekinge Institute of Technology, SE): abstract
  • Pokhrel, Jeevan (Institut Mines telecom, FR): abstract
  • Sogaard, Jacob (Technical University of Denmark, DTU Photonics, DK): abstract