~Our Students engage in rigorous environmentally based curriculum through relevant application, collaboration, creativity & critical thinking.
Take a look at what is happening in our classrooms.

Language Arts: 

Reading: We will practice reading strategies through novels, poetry, and informational text. Students will keep a record of reading, participate in Accelerated Reader, and write book reports. Every week you will be responsible for learning 8 vocab words taken from our novel chapters.

Writing: Informative/Argumentative/Narrative 

Math:  Our focus is rational numbers, expressions & equations, ratios & proportional reasoning, surface area & volume of 3D figures.

Science:  We will focus on cells & genetics, water, energy, and human impact on the environment.
Social Studies:  
Ancient Civilizations! 
S-social structure 

Students are becoming well versed in using technology for educational purposes.  We have started using iPads every day.  Students are using Google and Schoology as a platform for all their assignments.  If you would like to see what your student has been working on, ask them to show you around their Google Drive.  

Exciting things are happening in 6th Grade!

Mr. Gulbronsen & Mrs. McCabe

Upcoming Events/Due Dates: Parents and students can access upcoming event and assignments in Schoology.

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