Welcome to the Quaduino project!

Quadrocopters are neat, but in doing the research to build my own I was struck time and time again by how expensive and difficult to modify they ended up being, largely due to the customized control boards.

I intend to build one with an Arduino (possibly more than one should the processing be required) replacing those pricey electronics. The result, hopefully, will be a $200 brushless quadrocopter with a very accessible developing environment (no hardware needed to alter the code, just plug in a usb cable!), and the potential to easily upgrade into a full-fledged UAV. The arduino is a very nice little platform. It's open source, has considerably more memory than a PIC, and has a very active community with lots of code freely available.

Code  -  Place all your code in your own folder.  Feel free to look at other people's, but don't muck with it.

Hardware - All the parts you'll need to build a Quaduino

Links -  There's no reason we need to start from scratch.  Here are some projects that have already tackled some of the problems we face.

Personal Build Logs:

SVN (not in use until we have multiple authors working on the same code)