Project Introduction
This project is focused on implementing a tool that will create C++ code based on the analysis of QT GUI files. The generated code can then be integrated with projects developed in the lab, avoiding common bugs, such as losing any unsaved parameters.

Project Code
Our latest version for our project can be found in our GitHub. The main directory of our project contains everything from code to documentation. If you want the code for our latest version, click here.

How to Run Code and Demo

The project can be divided into 3 parts: parser, generate parameters, load parameters
 Milestone DavidKevin Navaneet Due Date 
 Parser Regex Creator Corner case Programmer 10/8
 Generate parameters Create Test Tokens Programmer Content Checker 10/18
 Load parameters Programmer Corner Case Testing Create Test Tokens 10/23

Contact Information

Team Contact: qtguiorganization@gmail.com

Kevin(Kun) Wang: wangk1@cs.unc.edu

David Somocurcio: somocurc@live.unc.edu

Navaneet Galagali: galagali@live.unc.edu


Dr Diane Pozefsky: pozefsky@cs.unc.edu


Francois Budin: fbudin@email.unc.edu

Dr Martin Styner: styner@cs.unc.edu

Schedule of Regular Meetings
NOTE: Schedules are subject to change.

Regular Meetings w/ Dr. Diane Pozefsky:
  Friday: 9:00 AM EST
Regular Meetings w/ Dr. Martin Styner (client):
  Thursday: 1:00 PM EST
Regular Meetings w/ Team:
  Friday: 2:30 PM EST

Schedule of Regular Meetings
Behavioral Rules

-5 minutes wait for everyone to show up to meetings.
-Freeze the portion of project while waiting for replies from other people.
-Notify of missing meetings 48 hours before the fact.

Coding Practice
-Comment the code(eg. Precondition and Postcondition)
-Make Javadocs/alternative
-Document requirements.
-Make a Readme on components.
-Using descriptive naming technique.
-Refer to documentations.