AAS/SPD 2011 Student Poster Award

Title: Accelerated Electron Spectra and Turbulence Characteristics from RHESSI Solar Flare Observations
Authors: Qingrong Chen and Vahé Petrosian (Stanford University)

Introduction: The model of stochastic acceleration of particles by plasma waves or turbulence has been successful in explaining many high energy features of solar flares. This work aims to better understand the role of turbulence in scattering and accelerating electrons based on RHESSI hard X-ray imaging spectroscopic observations of the flare structure and numerical solution of the Fokker-Planck equation describing the acceleration process. See the abstract in ADS.

The poster (in PDF):

About Qingrong Chen:

I am a PhD student at the Physics Department of Stanford University under supervision of Professor Vahé Petrosian since 2006. Currently I am interested in particle acceleration and transport processes in solar flares by combining data analysis and theoretical modeling, white-light response in the low solar atmosphere to energetic particles, and particle acceleration in more general contexts. Contact: qrchen at gmail.com or stanford.edu.

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