[119] Could This Low-Cost Device Provide Clean Drinking Water To Those In Need?

US Researchers Develop Chip To Detect Cocaine

[117] Buffalo chips snort coke

[116] Innovative Chemical Sensing Chip Rapidly Tests for Drugs in Biological Samples

[115] This chip could detect drugs as quickly as roadside breathalyzers

[114] Drug-sniffing chips are 'huge deal' for law enforcement

[113] A cocaine-detecting microchip has been invented – and it only costs $0.10

[112] Scientists develop a breathalyser test for COCAINE that can detect the drug within minutes

[111] Researchers Closer to a Cocaine Breathalyzer

[110] Potential cocaine breathalyzer uses nanoparticles to look for drug abuse

[109] Cocaine breathalyser 'one step closer'

[108] Cops could soon be armed with cocaine breathalyzers

[107] Cheap Drug Breathalyzers Are On The Way, If We Can Figure Out How To Use Them

[106] "Layer cake" chip detects cocaine

[105] Chemical sensing chip could potentially sniff out cocaine, opioids and marijuana

[104] Chip costing ₹7 can sniff out cocaine within minutes

[103] New technology could one day lead to portable drug detectors

[102] Cocaine Sensing Chip Developed by Scientists, Will Sniff out Drugs as Quick as Breathalyser

[101] Cheaper cocaine sensor could also sniff out other drugs

[100] Researchers develop cheap chip that detects illicit drugs

[99] Chemical Sensor Sniffs Out Drugs

[98] 'New inexpensive chip sniffs out cocaine within minutes'

[97] Chemical sensing chip sniffs out cocaine within minutes

[96] New tech purifies water using sunlight

[95] Record-breaking Water Purifier Made of Paper Could Bring Clean Water to Desperate Areas

[94] Using Carbon Paper, Scientists Work to Create More Efficient Sun-Powered Water Purifier

[93] New solar still claims near-perfect efficiency in purifying water

[92] Record-breaking solar still purifies water with clever geometry and … paper?

[91] Good as Cold: Energy from Cold Solar Vapor Technology

[90] Engineers upgrade ancient, sun-powered tech to purify water with near-perfect efficiency

[89] Our team Sunny Clean Water got the 2nd place and People’s Choice Award at UB World's Challenge Challenge in 2018. Congratulations to Matthew, Youhai and Haomin!

WCC Teams

Sunny Clean Water        Sunny Clean Water Fan Favorite

[88] Congratulations! Our paper "Efficient mid-infrared light confinement within sub-5-nm gaps for extreme field enhancement" published in Advanced Optical Materials is selected to be included in the virtual Best of Advanced Optical Materials 2017 issue.

Congratulations! UB spinoff "Sunny Clean Water LLC" received federal funding to advance technologies in water purification.

[86] Your gadget’s next power supply? Your body

triboelectric nanogenerator

[85] UB startup uses sunshine to clean dirty water for disasters, poor nations

[84] Congratulations! Our paper "Extremely Cost-Effective and Efficient Solar Vapor Generation under Nonconcentrated Illumination Using Thermally Isolated Black Paper" was shared by the editors of Global Challenges as one of their favorite articles.

[83] Congratulations! Our paper "Efficient mid-infrared light confinement within sub-5-nm gaps for extreme field enhancementwas one of the most downloaded Advanced Optical Materials papers in August 2017 and top 1 downloaded papers in September 2017.

[82] Boosting the Sensitivity of Bio/Chemical Sensing with Nanogap Metasurfaces

[81] Our paper "Efficient mid-infrared light confinement within sub-5-nm gaps for extreme field enhancement" was featured in the top story on NSF's News website.

[80] Nanogaps improve optical sensor

[79] New light-trapping sensor could help detect drugs, all biological and chemical samples

[78] Detect Drugs, Bomb-making Chemicals With The New Optical Device

[77] Optical Device Could Help Detect Drugs, Bomb-making Chemicals

[76] New technology is making it easier to detect PEDs

[75] Sensor traps light to help detect drugs and doping

[74] New optical device could help detect drugs, bomb-making chemicals and more

[73] Doping Athletes, Beware! This Sensor May Be Your Downfall

[72] Powerful new photodetector can enable optoelectronics advances

[71] Our team ExtremeComms Lab got the 2nd place at the Erie Hack Water Innovation Summit in 2017. Congratulations to Nan!

[70] Researchers Use Sunlight, Black Paper as Low-Cost Water Treatment to Solve Water Scarcity

[69] Portable potable water generator

[68] University’s solar-powered still improves ancient water cleaning technology

[67] UB researchers develop device that cleans contaminated water

YouTube Video

[66] UB RENEW Institute awards seed grants to four projects related to energy, environment and water sustainability, which includes “Emerging light-trapping strategies and new lead-free hybrid perovskite layers for clean energy”. Congratulations!

[65] Researchers Build Solar-Powered Water Purifier

[64] Our work was featured in Science magazine. Congratulations! (Sunlight-powered purifier could clean water for the impoverished)

[63] Carbon-Paper on Foam:A New Hope for Super-Efficient Solar Still

[62] A solution to global water shortage? Solar-powered purifier developed!

[61] Solar-powered water purifier developed

[60] US researchers develop solar-powered water purifier

[59] Engineers Build Solar-Powered Water Purifier

[58] Inexpensive new solar still ups water purification efficiency

[57] Academics build ultimate solar-powered water purifier

[56] Prof. Qiaoqiang Gan has been honored as a UB Exceptional Scholar Young Investigator, one award for untenured scholars who received their terminal degree within the past eight years.

[55] Nanocavity materials may improve ultrathin solar panels

[54] 'Nanocavity' may improve ultrathin solar panels, video cameras and more

[53] This “nanocavity” may improve ultrathin solar panels, video cameras and other optoelectronic devices

Our collaborative darkest metal work is highlighted by Science News and other media

[51] A wavelength-independent ‘universal’ substrate brings SERS into the mainstream

[50] Raman skeleton key: Universal SERS substrate

[49] Nanotechnology Could Make Molecule-identifying Spectroscopy More Practical

[48] Raman effect to detect phoney art, chemical weapons

[47] Almost universal SERS sensor could change how we sniff out small things

[46] Engineers Revolutionize Spectroscopy Technology

[45] Better detection of diseases, fraudulent art, chemical weapons, and more

[44] New anotechnology promises to make surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy simpler

[43] Nanoscale Sensor Breakthrough May Lower Costs

[42] Our paper "Ultra-broadband metasurface for efficient light trapping and localization: a universal surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrate for “all” excitation wavelengths" was featured in the top story on NSF's News website.

[41] New sensing technology could improve our ability to detect diseases, fraudulent art, chemical weapons and more

Our research article "Rainbow Trapping in Hyperbolic Metamaterial Waveguide" has been placed as TOP 100 most cited article in Scientific Reports over the last 2 years.

[39] Our paper "Polymeric photovoltaics with various metallic plasmonic nanostructures" was highlighted in Journal of Applied Physics

[38] Our image was featured in NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide.

[37] A large-scale lithography-free metasurface with spectrally tunable super absorption

[36] Tiny Microchip Component Promises Big Returns


[35] Rainbow-catching waveguide could revolutionize energy technologies

[34] Energy Technologies Get Boost from New Waveguides

[33] Rainbow-catching Waveguide Could Open New Possibilities For Energy Technologies

[32] A cavity that you want

[31] Optical ‘Nanocavity’ Boosts Light Absorption of Ultrathin Semiconductors

[30] A cavity that renders an optical nanocavity

[29] Optical nanocavity to boost light absorption in semiconductors

[28] Optical 'nanocavity' to boost light absorption in semiconductors; improve solar cells, cameras and more

[27] Haomin Song won the 1st prize of SEAS poster competition 2014. Congratulations to Haomin!

[26] Painting Solar Panels For The Future Of Energy Production, redOrbit, May 14, 2013.

[25] Solar panels as inexpensive as paint? It's possible due to research at UB, elsewhere, Science Codex, May 13, 2013.

[24] Solar panels as inexpensive as paint? It's possible due to new research, PHYS.ORG, May 13, 2013.

[23] Solar panels as inexpensive as paint? It’s possible due to research at UB, elsewhere, Nanotechnology Now, May 13, 2013.

[22] Plasmonics could lead to paint-on organic photovoltaicsLaser Focus World, May 13, 2013.

[21] Solar panels as inexpensive as paint? It’s possible due to research at UB, Space Fellowship, May 13, 2013.

[20] Colorful manufacturing work by UB team recognized, Business First, March 14, 2013.

[19] UB color-identification technology named a game-changer by Society of Manufacturing Engineers, UB News Article, Mar. 2013. (
video interview: 

UB Engineers Create A Rainbow Polymer

[18] Searching for a high-tech cure, Buffalo Business First, Feb. 2013.

[17] Waveguide Collects Light More Efficiently,, Feb. 2013.

[16] Slow down light to trap a rainbow, AM&P eNews, Feb. 2013. 

[15] To trap a rainbow, slow down light, Futurity, Feb. 2013.

[14] Forget about leprechauns, engineers are catching rainbows, UB News Article, Feb. 2013. 
Also highlighted in NSF website:

[13] One-step Rainbow Grating, OPN, pp. 8, May 2012.

[12] New Handheld imaging devices just over the rainbow, Materials Today, vol. 15,  pp. 136 (2012).

[11] Handheld rainbow could spawn multispectral tools, Photonics Spectra, vol. 46, pp. 21 (2012).

[10] See the entire rainbow from a single viewing angle, ACS Noteworthy Chemistry, March 19, 2012.

[9] Rainbow polymer reveals true colors, Futurity, Feb. 2012.

[8] A Rainbow for the Palm of Your Hand,, Feb. 2012.

[7] Rainbow Polymer Filter Could Lead to Portable Imaging Devices, Polymer Solutions Newsblog, Feb. 2012

[6] One-Step Process Developed to Produce Multi-Color Polymer, Science Business, Feb. 2012.

[5] A Rainbow for the Palm of Your Hand, UB News Article, Feb. 2012. 

[4] EE’s Gan Captures Rainbow, Buffalo Engineering, pp22, Fall (2011).

[3] Slow light to capture a rainbow, Futurity, April. 13 (2011).

[2] Plasmonic structures trap a rainbow, Solar Novus Today, April 2011.

[1] Slow light slowed even more, Photonics Spectra, April 2011.