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WWE "Total Divas" Recap

September 22, 2013

Episode #9

Aired on E!

Report by Michael Cupach, PWTorch contributor (and Total Divas specialist)

Writer's Note: For the second month in a row, I am missing out of the main event of a WWE PPV to recap this show for you. You are welcome!

-Previously on Total Divas: Vincent and Ariane broke up, Nikki’s leg fell off and her career is over, and a Chris Benoit look-alike asked Natalya to call off her wedding to T.J. (Tyson Kidd) for him!

-At T.J. and Nattie’s house, Natalya bought a special outfit for her cat, Gizmo, to wear to the wedding. I was a little worried that it would be similar to the outfit Nattie wore for T.J. a few episodes ago!

-Total Divas music video.

-Back at T.J. and Natties, the Neidhart Clan shows up! Sister Muffy, mother Ellie, and father Jim arrive and Ellie has a dress she wants Nattie to wear, but Nattie already has a dress she picked out months ago. Natalya tries on the dress and Muffy thinks it looks awful. There is a rose that sticks out over her funable and Nattie tears it off. Natalya then tries to get out of wearing the dress and suggest she wears it for a different special occasion – like a second wedding?

-Triple H opens the new WWE Performance Center and the girls are there to comment on it. Nikki then makes it all about her injury and she is protective that a newbie will try to take her spot.

-Meanwhile, at the Center, JoJo and Eva Marie try to schmooze Jane Geddes and Jane reveals that Monday on Raw, they need valets and may use one of the girls. JoJo comments in a talking head that Eva is acting cocky because she has red hair and a big *bleep.* I wonder what the bleep was. Big...kneecaps?

-In Tampa, John Cena says that his family is getting together for a family reunion and wants Nikki to meet his family. Nikki is excited, but John breaks the bombshell that the day of the family function is the same day as Nattie's wedding. John says he is going and asks her to miss one of her best friends wedding.


-At Raw, Nikki and Brie are walking in and Nikki trips and falls. I bet she is drunk. They make it seem like it was injury related, but we know better. We know.

-Mark from Talent Relations has a little meeting with the Divas, or at least the Divas on Total Divas, to talk about Nikki’s injury and how they can step up and take this opportunity. He also announces that Eva will be seconding Natalya to the ring tonight. JoJo is upset and thinks she should have the shot and the Funkadactyls cheer her up.

-Nikki tells Natalya that she can’t attend the wedding. Natalya looks like she wants to rip her head off! Natalya says in a talking head that she would never do that to anyone and Nikki says that she feels Natalya would do the same thing if she was in her shoes. Ha! Natalya powers through the conversation holding back tears, then says they will talk about it later.

-Eva and JoJo sit down in catering and JoJo gives her attitude. JoJo is acting childish and immature and Eva turns around and acts like a Total Yotch right back to her.


-Backstage, Natalya tells Brie that she is stressed and is starting to feel like a bridezilla! Brie tells her that she needs to think of herself and say “&^%$ everyone.” Being selfish is shocking advice given by a Bella! It manages to cheer Nattie up.

-Eva and Natalya pray before going out.

-Nikki puts on a brave face about not being in front of the crowd, what a trooper. Heaven has a special place for Divas who put on brave faces when it comes to not being booked on a show due to injury.

-It looks like a Superstars match between Natalya and Naomi where Eva escorted Nattie to the ring. Highlights are shown, then the girls come backstage and Eva is congratulated on her opportunity.

From Justin James’s 7/4 Superstars Report:

2 - NATALYA (w/Eva Marie) vs. NAOMI (w/Cameron)

Pre-match, Alex Riley mentions Natalya's recent marriage to Tyson Kidd. Natalya with a quick headlock takedown, but Naomi easily slips out and delivers one of her own. Natalya runs the ropes until Naomi uses the Rear View to knock her down. Natalya wants a Sharpshooter, but Naomi slips out. Natalya with a delayed vertical suplex, then she gets sent to the ringside and she takes a breather. Natalya offers a handshake upon return, but Naomi uses it to sucker her with a schoolgirl for a nearfall. The trade suplex attempts and both slip out. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter and Naomi almost gets to the ropes before Natalya drags her back to the center for a submission win.

WINNER: Natalya in 5:00. Some good moments for Natalya and Naomi here. Naomi