Qoheleth Foundation-Tanzania is a non-governmental charitable organization acting in the Kilimanjaro and Mbeya regions and headquartered in Moshi town. The foundation was formed in 1996 by 17 individuals, to battle the increase of street children in Tanzania. In order to compliment the efforts of organizations assisting those already living on the street, Qoheleth decided to support at-risk youth in under-resourced rural communities, through education and training. To date, Qoheleth has worked in seven districts and currently has over 150 members.
Qoheleth's mission is to counter the migration of unsupported youth into urban centers by fostering an enabling environment in rural villages through education and training in domestic issues, income resources and health.
Qoheleth's work is divided up into several areas of focus including domestic issues, income resources, and health.

Income Resources

Dwindling economic opportunities in rural villages often force of both youth and their parents, particularly fathers, to the city in search of income.  Qoheleth seeks to provide training and facilities that will enable these groups to remain in the village. The foundation trains groups in simple technologies and natural medicine preparation. In addition to training, Qoheleth provides Stabilized Soil Block buildings for inexpensive but long lasting housing and storage.

Domestic Issues

Many street children have reported incidents of violence and other forms of conflict at home as the impetus for their departure. Gender inequality, alcohol abuse, and reckless behavior contribute to creating an unstable household environment. Through gender workshops and youth outreach programs, Qoheleth builds supportive communities and homes


Losing a parent due to disease, in particular HIV/AIDS, puts great strain on rural youth often contributing to their decision to move to the streets. In addition, the youth themselves are at great risk of contracting HIV, as our research shows that they become sexually active at an early age. Qoheleth addresses these issues by reaching out to both youth and the community at large through HIV/AIDS and reproductive health educational workshops.  The foundation also trains community members to treat some ailments through Home Based Care methods.