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Identification of a Weyl metal and negative longitudinal MR in Bi1-xSbx

A topological phase transition occurs from a band insulator (x < 3%) to a topological insular (x > 3%) around x ≈ 3% and a Dirac metal is realized at this critical concentration. Applying magnetic fields, a single Dirac cone is split into a pair of Weyl cones. This is the Weyl metallic state.

Physical Review Letters 111, 246603 (2013)

Violation of Ohm’s law in a Weyl metal

The I–V curves measured at B=0 (left axis, black line) and B=9T for both longitudinal (left axis, red line) and transverse (right axis, green line) configurations at T=5K.

Nature Materials 16, 1096 (2017).