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Citation formats vary with journals and publishing houses. Go through their instructions and websites to ensure you are citing in the required format. Given here is a widely used format for citation.

To cite a journal article
Surname and initials of authors. Full title of paper. Title of journal. Year of publication; volume number:first-last page numbers of article.
Duggal, R.Private health insurance and access to healthcare. Indian journal of medical ethics. 2011; 8(1):28-30. 

To cite a book
Surname and initials of authors. Full title of book. Number of edition. Town of publication: Publisher, Year of Publication.
Sackett, D.L., Straus S.E., Richardson, W.S., Rosenberg, W. & Haynes, R.B. Evidence-based medicine: How to practice and teach EBM. 2nd ed. London: Churchill Livingstone, 2000.

If there are more than six authors for a book, list the first three authors followed by 'et al.' (meaning, 'and others')

To cite a book with several authors and an editor/ editors
If the book has chapters written by several authors and editors' names on the cover, add 'ed.' after the surname and initials of the editor/s.
Hall, G.M., ed. How to write a paper. London: BMJ, 2004. 

To cite a chapter in a book
Surnames and initials of chapter authors.Chapter title. Surnames and initials of book authors or editors. 
    In Book title. Town of publication: Publisher, year of publication. First page-last page. 
Howell, S. References.
    In Hall, G.M. How to write a paper. London: BMJ, 2004. pp51-62.