References & Selected Readings

This section gives you a list of references and interesting additional readings.

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Selected readings
We have given below, a collection of articles pertaining to medical research writing that you may find interesting.

 An article on plagiarism written by our team:
Sriganesh, V & Iyer, PPlagiarism and medical writingIndian Journal of Radiol Imaging.2007;17(3):146-147.

An instance of action taken by the journal against authors who plagiarised:
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A comment on the practice of gift authorship;
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Importance of research methodology
Nayak, B.K. Why learn research methodology? Indian J Ophthalmol. 2009; 57(3):173-4.

More on medical writing
Interesting tools to ease collaborative writing:
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Medical research ethics
A selection of articles on medical research ethics published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics: