The results section brings out the findings of the study - the answers to the questions you asked before you began your study.
  • Results add meaning to the data collected.

  • You may have gathered a lot of data during your study. But you may not have used all of it for the study. Present only data that have had bearing on the findings of the study.

  • Be concise and precise.

  • Organize results into text, tables, illustrations for easy interpretation.

  • Use a uniform system of labeling for the text, tables and illustrations. 

  • Be objective in your presentation - present data that support your hypothesis as well as refute it.

  • Present quantitative data as is, without using adjectives. Avoid using words like ‘markedly’ or ‘significantly’ that vary in their interpretation.

  • Create tables and illustrations that are self-explanatory. Make them visually appealing and pay attention to legends, titles and footnotes.