You have read a journal article. You may have thought "that looks easy, I can write one too". Or you may have read it with awe and thought "I don't think I can ever do that!" Whatever your thoughts - you have come to the right place.

This introductory tutorial will help you be better prepared if you go through it before you attend a medical writing workshop. Most writing workshops cover the topics covered here. But you may feel overwhelmed with too many details that are covered in those one or two days - the usual duration of such workshops. We recommend that you go through as many sections as you are comfortable with at a time before you attend a workshop or before you read more detailed articles or even a book on the topic. 

Once you go through this introductory tutorial, you will be prepared for more! And it will also serve as a "quick reckoner" for any small detail you may wish to check out.

We have referred to George M. Hall's book, How to Write a Paper1 while putting together this tutorial.We recommend you read this book some time after you go through this site. We have also provided a list of references and additional readings in the last section.

Getting your work published in good journals or getting a good thesis should be your goal. And we hope this simple manual serves as a good starting point! Good luck