Exercise precaution while writing your paper. It enhances the rigour and quality of your study.

Obtain clearance from an ethics committee
  • Reputed institutions involved in research have institutional ethics committees. Researchers are expected to get clearance from these committees before they begin work. This is especially when the study involves sensitive issues such as medical records or people. Once you have obtained the approval of the ethics committee, you can go ahead with the study. 
  • If you wish to use the same database for another study, however, you will have to get it approved by an ethics committee all over again.
    Beware of ‘gift’ authorship
    • You may be writing a paper and getting guidance from your professor for the same. You may acknowledge your professor for his guidance, but supervision does not qualify for authorship. You will still be the author for the paper.The head of the department or professor cannot be considered a co-author simply because the study was carried out at the department.
    • On the contrary, you may be involved in data collection for a research paper that your professor is working on, and feel you ought to get authorship for the paper. However, only data collection does not account for authorship. So while your work must be acknowledged, you will not qualify as an author. Take a look at the criteria for authorship in the 'authorship' section.
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