While submitting your paper, there is certain information that you must disclose. 

If you are using the same data for another study, disclose this to the editor
  • If you are using the data that you collected for another study that you had taken up earlier, ascertain that you are not duplicating the study (as discussed before). Disclose this information to the editor of the journal you wish to publish in, with a cross reference to the paper you have published using the same data.
Spell out conflict of interest if any 
  • Let's look at a hypothetical situation:
Suppose you are co-authoring a research paper with your professor. The paper is about the effect of a particular drug on a disease. Your professor has received a portion of funding from the pharmaceutical company that manufactures this drug. 

Do you see any contradictions in this example? 
  • What is conflict of interest?
Conflict of interest is a situation of conflict between the researcher's private interest and professional interest; there is a possibility that the researcher's private interest may compromise the quality of the research. In the above hypothetical situation, the pharmaceutical company is partly financing the study. There is a possibility of losing objectivity and leaning towards the positive aspects of the drug. This will no doubt, compromise the results and hence the quality of the research itself.

True, the result may not necessarily be influenced by the fact that the pharmaceutical company is funding the study, but the possibility itself warrants a disclosure of such information to maintain transparency and avoid deception.

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