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Let's begin writing

Describe the case and answer probable questions pertaining to the case. 
  • To begin writing, describe the details as you would, when verbally communicating with someone. Work around it, refining it, adding information and building it into the structure of a case report.
  • Begin the report with a description of the case. There is no need for an introduction. Write about the history of the patient, examination findings and investigation results. Describe the management of the condition, focusing on positive aspects and leaving out any irrelevant information. Write about how and why decisions were made while dealing with this particular case. Describe the patient’s progress owing to such management.
  • Think of probable questions that may arise in the readers’ mind and present answers to those questions. Bring out answers to questions that were raised when you shared the case with your friends and seniors.
  • Use diagrams and illustrations to support your written material. You can use photographic material if it provides valuable information.
  • Give references only if it supports or contradicts your conclusions. A case report is not the place for review of literature even though you would have spent time going through literature before writing.
  • Once you have prepared the draft, put it away and read it afresh after a week. Refine the language and content, removing irrelevant material. Read it aloud and listen to how it sounds. Read it aloud to a friend if that helps.

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