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The name game again.

  • If you are writing the report, you become the primary author. Others who were involved in management of the unusual aspects of the case will also be authors. Limit the number of authors to three. Ask yourself if the case could have been handled without the intervention of these people. Since you are dealing with a humanbeing here, maintaining confidentiality is of utmost importance. Take the informed consent of the patient in writing before you begin preparing to write.
  • After making required changes, send it to the journal you have shortlisted on, with a covering letter to the editor. You can send the report only to one journal at a time. Should you face the misfortune of your paper being sent back, do not be disheartened. Take the feedback positively, revise your report, and structure it to suit the format of another journal you shortlisted and send it.
  • Now that you have made a start, attempt other forms of writing. It is important as practitioners, to write and contribute to the knowledge pool, share your learnings with fellow practitioners. However, do not get into a race to publish. As far as writing is concerned, quality of content is certainly more important than the number of papers you have published.