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At a glance

  • Case reporting is the most basic form of reporting in medicine.
  • It is essentially explanation of a case history.
  • Function – to help readers deal with a similar problem.
  • What to report: unusual aspects to a condition/ original condition/ rare condition with a message for the reader.
  • Familiarise yourself with the structure by reading case reports.
  • Go through the guidelines for authors in the journal you wish to report in.
  • What to write: history of the patient, what happened, time course of events, reasons for choice of management.
  • Limit number of authors to three.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the patient(s).
  • Seek informed written consent of the patient(s).
  • Write down details of the case and work around it in the prescribed structure.
  • Keep the title short, with power to gain readers’ attention.
  • Introduction and review of literature do not have a place in case reports; resist the temptation to expand your paper with such information.