Case Report


  • You were at the OPD today, and came across a patient who presented with an unusual complication. Intrigued, you were eager to share this with your friends and professors. You observe their reactions and decide that this is worth writing about in a journal. You sit down to write, but cannot think of how to go about it; you wonder what to write and how to write it.

What to write

  • What you want to do is report an unusual case that you have seen. This warrants a form of communication called case report. Case report is a basic form of communication in medical writing, but it requires an understanding of what should be included and how it should be presented.
  • Remember, what you think is unusual, may not be so elsewhere, hence it will be worthwhile to discuss it with some senior practitioners. It is also important to do a review of literature pertaining to the case, to conclude that what you have to say warrants a publication.

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