Welcome to "An Introduction to Medical Writing"

This manual has been created by QMed Knowledge Foundation keeping in mind the needs of Undergraduate Students of Health Sciences. However, we believe that anyone interested in the field of medical writing will find this useful either as a basic learning tool, or as a resource that may help them help beginners. 

Writing for projects, theses and for journals is something every student has to do through out the medical career (or at least once during one's working life!). We felt that many students and professionals find writing a little daunting because they need to plunge into it, without being able to absorb some of the basics. 

This simple manual attempts to help with that problem and covers the absolute basics. Suggestions and feedback are welcome - please write to us at [info at qmed dot ngo]

Credits: We thank Aarthi Chandrasekhar - who worked with us to produce this manual. We specially appreciate her intense efforts in understanding the need for such a resource and for putting in her best to create this for us!