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Queen Margaret College is a independent presbyterian girls school. It caters for girls from Pre-school through Primary and on to Secondary levels. This Christian School is situated in the inner-city suburb of Thorndon in New Zealand's capital - Wellington. The following articles have been published in the Dominion Post the major daily newspaper for the greater Wellington area. They provide an insight into the behind the scenes management of this school.


The Queen Margaret College motto is Luce Veritatis - 'By the light of truth'

 Key words: Bullying, Retribution, Employment Relations, School Management, Cancer, Constructive Dismissal, Moral Hypocrisy, Abuse, Threats, Redundancy

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Check out these newspaper clippings:

"School Accused of taking revenge on job case witnesses" Dominion Post 30 May 2007

 "Teachers saw school heads as the 'enemy'" Dominion Post 30 March 2007

"Teacher says stress masked his cancer" Dominion Post 29 March 2007

"Dispute splits girls' college" Dominion Post 29 March 2007


 The case discussed in these articles was heard by the New Zealand Employment Relations Authority (ERA) and a judgement has now been delivered.  A summary of procedings to date is available from the Employment Relations Service. In essence the Employment Relations Authority awarded Dr Selwood $5000 for the attempt by the Principal of Queen Margaret College, Carol Craymer, to make Dr Selwood summarily redundant.

A report on the employment relations problems at Queen Margaret College can also be found in a recent issue of the Independent School Teachers' Association of New Zealand (ISTANZ) newsletter.

See who is running this school.

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