Some days ago, the most important question in the media was that if India and Pakistan are going to war? The forces of the both countries were red alert at the borders. Although, for the time being there is no immediate threat for war now, thanks for the diplomatic efforts of the world, but one is still bound to think what would happen if such event happen in the future?

According to India, all of the terrorists involved in a series of attacks on the financial capital of India belong to Pakistan. On the other hand, the Pakistani government demands for the proofs of those persons who were involve in these bloody attacks. India thinks that Pakistan is not taking necessary measures against the terrorist while Pakistan says that India has not provide sufficient proofs to act against terrorists. So, in this situation, to war is the best way to fight against terrorists or to collaborate with each other to stop such happenings in the future?

On September 20, 2008 in a suicide attack on Marriot hotel Islamabad left 54 persons dead and 266 injured. The responsibles of these attacks are still unknown although most of the people believe in the foreign hands for these attacks. It was quite easy for the Pakistani Government to blame Indian government to blame for such attacks but Pakistani government did not do so! The question is that did Pakistani government take the right step or Indian government is going in the right direction? It has been very common for the Indian leaders to blame Pakistan for such unpleasant happenings that some times I think if India continues like this, then one day she would blame Pakistan even for earthquake!

It is also the easiest and the best way for the Indian leaders to mask their incapabilities under the cover of Pakistani involvement. For example, there has been 10 coordinated attacks in the city. All the planned attacks have been success-full which means complete intelligence failure. In addition to this, NSG commandos took 10 hours to reach the terrorists, the lack of coordination between the commandos and the police force. The operation against the terrorists continued for almost 72 hours, which means that the terrorists were fully prepared and they had every information about the methodology of the operation by the Indian security forces. Such plannings normally require lots of information and time. The question, which Indian government should also take into consideration, is what the hell their intelligence agencies were doing and why they could not avoid this event from happening?

Well, India believes that Laskar-e-Tayyeba, an organisation aimed at liberation of Kashmir by force, has been responsible for these attacks and she had given such names to the Pakistani officials too. On the Pakistani side, government has banned this organisation from working in Pakistan and some leaders are arrested too. But, why we all forget that by arresting or killing people we just kill their bodies, not their ideas and views.

Such happenings, regardless of their locations, are always condemnable and they should be stopped. Indeed, it is important to find out the real culprits of attacks on Mombai, but one should not forget that it is also important to stop such events in the future. If the both countries are looking for a peaceful and friendly relations, then, they have to solve the Kashmir problem. Otherwise, there can be good relations between the governments of the two countries, but there would always be such elements who not let the people live in peace!

A blog by Qasir Chaudhry