About Me...!


First of all, I am thankfull to all of you for visiting my website.

I am Paris based a Pakistani writer, poet and journalists with a diversified educational background which ranges from technical education to the management accountancy. I regard this diversity as a strength and a source of my style from prose to poetry and from column writing to drama writing.

While I was studying at Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan, once I happened to read one of my famous poem LOVE in the class. Our professor for Business English immediately advised me to pursue my career as a writer instead of being a Management Accountant. Shehzad Iqbal Sham, our professor for Industrial and Commercial Law, also advised the same when he happened to read my humorous article on ICMAP. Briefly speaking, finally I have decided to take pen in my fingers!

Writing, whether it is only for entertainment purposes, must have some kind of education and information. I regard it as Double EI approach and you will find it in any form of my writings in Future!

I have devided my past life in following sections;

1. Education

2. Writing Credentials and Experience

3. Future Projects

If you think that our expertises can be helpfull for promoting knowledge and awareness in an innovative way then be sure your lines are deeply awaited. Please visit the contact page for further details.

Thank you for your interest and time.