Monday, November 13-Friday, November 17

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Monday, November 13
  • Finish Venn Diagram

  • Read and take notes on the Caribbean and Central America
  • Finish comic strips on the history of Latin America
Tuesday, November 14
  • Using Venn Diagram we will write a guided extended response on Mexico and South America
  • Begin Lesson 2 on Ancient Latin America
  • Present comic strips 
  • Read and notes on population in Latin America and economic activity in Latin America
Wednesday, November 15
  • Reading and notes on the Mayans (how they built their communities and intellectual advances)
  • Essential Question: Why does spatial inequality exist in urban areas? 
  • Preview reading and introduction to spatial inequality
  • Geographic setting of Mexico City
Thursday, November 16
  • Aztec civilization
  • Slash and burn agriculture
  • How the Aztecs fell from power
  • Students work on Geo-terms for the unit
  • If students finish, they will read Section 3 collaboratively "Rural Decline Causes Urban Migration"
Friday, November 17
  • The Inca Civilization
  • Compare and contrast the Mayan and Inca civilizations
  • Students write an extended response
  • Continue "Rural Decline Causes Urban Migration"
  • Students will answer questions about Urban Migration

Monday, November 6-Friday, November 10

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  • Students view People of Latin America Video
  • Students complete note-taking sheet
  • Homework: Note-taking sheet due tomorrow. Number 3 must be written in a paragraph.
  • HONORS CLASS: Finished presentations...will complete note-taking sheet tomorrow.
  • 6th Hour (Honors)
    • Physical features of Latin America reading and note-taking

  • All other hours
    • Introduce Chapter 6 (Land and History of Latin America)
    • Preview Vocabulary
  • 6th hour (Honors)
    • Human Geography of Latin America (political boundaries, history, population and economic resources)

  • All other hours
    • Continue the Land and History of Latin America (pages 140-153, Vocabulary, What places are included in Latin America)


  • 6th hour (Honors)
    • Review essential question: Why does spatial inequality exist in urban areas? 
    • Read introduction about Mexico City 

  • All other hours
    • Using a Venn Diagram to compare Mexico and South America. 
    • Central America


  • 6th hour (Honors)
    • The setting of Mexico City
    • Vocabulary in reading notes packet (due on Monday, if not finished in class)

  • All other hours
    • Finish Central America
    • Read about the Caribbean Islands

Monday, October 30-Friday, November 3

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  • Students assemble posters
  • All posters due tomorrow at the end of class
  • Posters finished
  • Students practice presentations
  • Region presentations
  • Video on traditions in Mexico
  • Region presentations

Monday, October 23-Friday, October 27

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  • Student/Teacher/Parent Conferences information
  • Project expectations for posters
  • Begin paragraphs for posters
  • Project teams finish up all research and write poster paragraphs
  • Student conferences after school
  • Poster paragraphs, pictures and layout
  • 1/2 Day of School
  • Shortened periods
  • Students work on projects
  • Student conferences in the afternoon and evening
  • No School...Student conferences from 7:30-10:00

Monday, October 16-Friday, October 20

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Monday, October 16
  • Student groups finish up Physical and Human Characteristics for their projects
  • Students may begin on Region portion
  • Mrs. Gnuse meets with each group to check on collaboration and group progress
Tuesday, October 17
  • Regions mini-lesson (The information students will include in their research, What is population?)
  • Student groups work on research (Climate/Weather, vegetation, population, Economic Activities)
  • Mrs. Gnuse meets with groups to check progress and group collaboration
Wednesday, October 18
  • Students continue research on the region portion of their project
  • Mrs. Gnuse meets with groups
Thursday, October 19
  • Mini-lesson on Movement...examples on how and why people, ideas, goods, and information move within and in/out of the region.
  • Students explore movement in their region and research movement that is unique to their region
  • Mrs. Gnuse meets with groups
Friday, October 20
  • Students continue research and exploration of Movement 
  • Mrs. Gnuse meets with groups for progress check

Monday, October 9-Friday, October 13

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  • No School-Columbus Day
  • Video on the regions of the United States
  • Go over rubric for 5 Themes Project
  • Get into groups for project
  • Timeline of project
  • Share resources
  • Group work norms and expectations review
  • Review location
  • Students work to complete the location of their region
  • Review the theme of Place
  • Students start to work on researching Place for their region
  • Students continue researching Place and determine what will be included on their poster

Monday, October 2-Friday, October 6

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  • Tests returned
  • If a student would like to take a retake, all retakes forms are due by Wednesday, October 4.
  • North America notes
  • Complete North America Notes
  • Retake forms are due
  • Regions of the United States video
  • No School-Quincy Conference
  • No School-Quincy Conference

Monday, September 25-Friday, September 29

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  • Latitude and Longitude lesson
  • Finding locations on a map
  • Test on Wednesday
  • Review answers on the study guide 
  • More latitude/longitude practice
  • Homework: Study for test
  • Unit assessment on the 5 Themes of Geography
  • Close up look at the continent of North America
  • North America's Resources and Industries
  • The People of North America
  • Canada:Close Up

September 18-22

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Monday, September 18
  • The Five Themes of Geography Video
  • Note taking strategies
Tuesday, September 19

  • Mrs. Katz and Tush read aloud

Wednesday, September 20

  • Students get 5 Themes picture book recording sheet
  • Read aloud Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

Thursday, September 21
  • Read aloud Armadillo from Amarillo
Friday, September 22

  • Read aloud My Place

September 11-15, 2017

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Monday, September 11

  • Tests returned
  • "What is Geography"
Forms are available for students with D's and F's on their tests. All forms due by Thursday.

Tuesday, September 12
  • Video "What is Geography"
Wednesday, September 13
  • Read Aloud for the 5 Themes of Geography "Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt"
  • Students write a summary of the text and explain the big idea. Due tomorrow.
Thursday, September 14

  • Notes on the 5 Themes of Geography
Friday, September 15

  • Complete Notes on the 5 Themes of Geography
  • Midterm ends

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