Monday, January 15-Friday, January 19

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  • No School
  • No School
  • Figure Out Five Activity on Europe
  • Latitude and longitude practice with Russia
  • Continue latitude and longitude practice...all papers due Monday

Monday, January 8 - Friday, January 12

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Monday, January 8
  • Figure Out Five...Students will work in groups with a map of Europe and will collaborate on how they think Europe should be broken into regions
Tuesday, January 9
  • Students will read about and learn about the Euro-rail. They will also watch a short video on the Euro-rail.
Wednesday, January 10
  • Today students will work on a group HEI project. They will read about different interactions humans have with the environment in Europe and decide whether they think they are positive or negative contributions.
Thursday, January 11
  • Students will complete the HEI activity from yesterday. 
Friday, January 12
  • Vatican City Video and notes

Wednesday, January 3-Friday, January 5

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Wednesday, January 3
  • Introduction and Overview of Western and Eastern Europe
  • Note taking
Thursday, January 4
  • Continue Introduction and Overview of Western and Eastern Europe
  • Note taking
Friday, January 5
  • The World's Smallest Country...Vatican City

Monday, December 18-Wednesday, December 20

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Monday and Tuesday
  • Students watch the film "Living On One Dollar" while taking notes and discussing the film
  • Hours 1-4...Winter Activity
  • Hours 6-9...Homework Challenge Celebration
Students have been given guidelines about attending the homework challenge. If a student does not meet the requirements, they will be assigned to a room to complete missing work. To see if your child is eligible to participate, please check his/her Skyward account and make sure no missing assignments are noted at the top of the grade book page.

Monday, December 11-Friday, December 15

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Monday, December 11

  • Review Mexico's Changing Economy and double check answers on reading notes packet
  • Students read lesson 7.4, Mexico's Culture Today
  • Read background and Geographic setting for MesoAmerica
  • Complete vocabulary
  • Assign groups for modern/traditional aspects of culture
Tuesday, December 12

  • Discussion on Mexico's Culture Today
  • Complete reading notes on the lesson
HONORS: Students will work in groups on their culture presentations 

Wednesday, December 13

  • Students work on Review Sheet for Test...Test on Friday
HONORS: Group preparation for culture presentations

Thursday, December 14

  • Test review and practice
HONORS: Groups practice their presentations (20 minutes), then we will start presentations

Friday, December 15

  • Take Chapter 7 Test
HONORS: Group presentations

Monday, December 4-Friday, December 8

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Monday, December 4
  • Modern Government in Mexico and notes
Honors: Global aspects of spatial inequality

Tuesday, December 5
  • Finish Modern Government in Mexico
Honors: Test review...Test tomorrow

Wednesday, December 6
  • Mexico's Changing Economy

Honors: Take test

Thursday, December 7

  • Mexico's Changing Economy

Honors: The Survival of the Maya in Mesoamerica

Friday, December 8

  • Catch up and review day

Honors: How do indigenous peoples preserve their traditional culture while adapting to modern life?

Monday, November 27-Friday, December 1

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Monday, November 27

Students finish review and check answers. Extra time will be used to study for test.
Test tomorrow


Students complete location of Neighborhood #4
Students do a quick write on the essential question of "Why does spatial inequality exist in urban areas?"
Questioning to discuss the results of the interviews

Tuesday, November 28

Students take test on Geography and Ancient Groups in Latin America

Complete questions to prepare to write a newspaper article.
Review article expectations
Students begin drafting

Wednesday, November 29

Chapter 7, Lesson 1: The Roots of Modern Mexico. Notes on the founding of New Spain and changes in Mexico

Drafting articles to answer the question of spatial inequality
All final drafts will be due Friday, December 1...hand-written or typed at home

Thursday, November 30

The War of Independence, War with the U.S., and Texas Independence
Students complete the vocabulary...peninsulares, criollos, mestizo, and encomienda

Global Connections about Spatial Inequality
Reading maps and gathering information about spatial inequality 

Friday, December 1

Government in Mexico and notes

Finish Global Connection discussion

Monday, November 20-Tuesday, November 21

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Monday, November 20

Students work on Study Guide for test
Test is Tuesday, November 28

HONORS: Students complete interview 4 and discuss Haves and Have-nots in Mexico City

Tuesday, November 21

Video on Thanksgiving

Monday, November 13-Friday, November 17

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Monday, November 13
  • Finish Venn Diagram

  • Read and take notes on the Caribbean and Central America
  • Finish comic strips on the history of Latin America
Tuesday, November 14
  • Using Venn Diagram we will write a guided extended response on Mexico and South America
  • Begin Lesson 2 on Ancient Latin America
  • Present comic strips 
  • Read and notes on population in Latin America and economic activity in Latin America
Wednesday, November 15
  • Reading and notes on the Mayans (how they built their communities and intellectual advances)
  • Essential Question: Why does spatial inequality exist in urban areas? 
  • Preview reading and introduction to spatial inequality
  • Geographic setting of Mexico City
Thursday, November 16
  • Aztec civilization
  • Slash and burn agriculture
  • How the Aztecs fell from power
  • Students work on Geo-terms for the unit
  • If students finish, they will read Section 3 collaboratively "Rural Decline Causes Urban Migration"
Friday, November 17
  • The Inca Civilization
  • Compare and contrast the Mayan and Inca civilizations
  • Students write an extended response
  • Continue "Rural Decline Causes Urban Migration"
  • Students will answer questions about Urban Migration

Monday, November 6-Friday, November 10

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  • Students view People of Latin America Video
  • Students complete note-taking sheet
  • Homework: Note-taking sheet due tomorrow. Number 3 must be written in a paragraph.
  • HONORS CLASS: Finished presentations...will complete note-taking sheet tomorrow.
  • 6th Hour (Honors)
    • Physical features of Latin America reading and note-taking

  • All other hours
    • Introduce Chapter 6 (Land and History of Latin America)
    • Preview Vocabulary
  • 6th hour (Honors)
    • Human Geography of Latin America (political boundaries, history, population and economic resources)

  • All other hours
    • Continue the Land and History of Latin America (pages 140-153, Vocabulary, What places are included in Latin America)


  • 6th hour (Honors)
    • Review essential question: Why does spatial inequality exist in urban areas? 
    • Read introduction about Mexico City 

  • All other hours
    • Using a Venn Diagram to compare Mexico and South America. 
    • Central America


  • 6th hour (Honors)
    • The setting of Mexico City
    • Vocabulary in reading notes packet (due on Monday, if not finished in class)

  • All other hours
    • Finish Central America
    • Read about the Caribbean Islands

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