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posted Aug 26, 2013, 10:24 AM by Quincy Jr. High School   [ updated May 8, 2017, 12:33 PM ]

WEEK OF May 8th  - May 12th
7th Grade PLTW/Exploratory Arts:

MONDAY:   Worked on Orthographic drawings packet 1.4.4

TUESDAY: Completed and turned in Orthographic drawings packet 1.4.4.  Passed out 1.4 vocab crossword ( Due Thursday QUIZ Thursday )
WEDNESDAY:  Working on Dimension packet 1.4.5 in class. 

THURSDAY:    Working on Dimension packet 1.4.5 in class.  !.4 Crossword due today and QUIZ TODAY!!!

FRIDAY:     Completed and turned in Dimension packet 1.4.5 in class.
8th Grade PLTW/Exploratory Arts
MONDAY:   Completed and turned in Gear Train Builds Activity 2.2.2!  Introduced Pull toy/windmill Build.

TUESDAY:  Working on Pull Toy/Windmill Builds!  Passed out for homework 2.2 Vocab Crossoword ( Due Thursday/QUIZ Thursday )

WEDNESDAY:   Working on  Pull Toy/Windmill Builds!

THURSDAY:     Working on  Pull Toy/Windmill Builds!  2.2 Vocab crossword due and QUIZ TODAY!!!

FRIDAY:   Completed and turned in Pull Toy/Windmill!!

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