March 19 - March 23

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  6th Math Honor's Math
 MondayProject: If I have a fraction of your personality
This project involves the application of students' understanding in converting fractions, percent and decimals. It also applies the percent knowledge into creating the pie chart and understanding that all of the characters will add up to 100% and 360 degrees in a circle. 
Progress: Introduction, rubric, and table 1.  
Review Study Guide from #17 - #21. 
Q & A session for students
 TuesdayProgress: Table 2 Quiz on Chapter 6
 WednesdayProgress: Creating the pie chart and coloring itDistributive Property introduction
The note-taking study guide will be provided in class. Watch a video on distributive property. Students work on practice questions. 
Homework: P. 294 #1 - #9
 ThursdayProgress: Using rubric to check progressMore practice questions on distributive property. 
Homework: P. 295 #10 - 17
 FridayPresentation (The project is a performance grade)Finding equivalence of distributive property. 

March 12 - March 16

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Continue   6th Math Honor's Math
 Monday Applying percent knowledge into our running speed analysis. Percent application in real-life situations.  Chapter review: 6-1 & 6-2  P.288
 Tuesday  Unit 5, lesson 2: median and mode
pp. 817 - 821
Homework: P. 821
 Chapter review: 6-2 & 6-3  P.289
 Wednesday Continue practicing mean, median, mode, and range.
Homework: handout on the skill 
 Chapter review: 6-3 & 6-4  P.289
 Thursday Lesson 3: Measure of Variation
PP. 829 - 830 (quartiles, first and third quartiles, interquartile range, and range)
Homework: P.833
 Chapter review 6-4, 6-5 & 6-6   P.290
 FridayReview this week's material on Kahoot.  Chapter 6 Test.

March 5 - March 9

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  6th Math  Honor's Math

 Probability Packet: This packet allows us to apply our knowledge in converting fraction to decimal to percent into probability situations. We will focus on simple probability this week...the outcomes of rolling a numbered cube, the outcome of spinning a colored wheel, and the outcome of drawing a name form a collection. Students will be able to apply their knowledge in fractions and percent in these situations and be able to interpret the meaning of the events. 
Vocabulary: event, outcome, total outcome, chance, how likely, probability 

The packet will count as a 20% practice grade. 

Friday, March 9th, is the last day of third quarter. All retakes and late work need to be turned in by the end of the week. 

 Percent Packet: This packet covers lessons 6-4 to 6-6. Focus skills are: finding percent change, markups & discounts, and simple and compound interests. Students will be applying their basic knowledge in finding percent of a number to real-life situations where they have to calculate and understand profit, lost, discount and interests. 
Vocabulary: percent of change, markup, profit, discount, lost, percent of error, simple interest and compound interest. 

Friday, March 9th: 
1) Two TenMarks assignments due (Calculating Percents & Proportional reasoning with percents)
2) The end of 3rd quarter: any retakes or late work need to be turned in

February 19 - February 23

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  6th Math Honor's Math
 Monday No School  No School 
 TuesdayContent: Chapter 2; converting fractions, decimals and percents. Last week, we learned how to convert base 10 fractions into decimals and vise versa. This week, we will learn how to convert all kinds of fractions into decimal using division and/or proportion reasoning. Reference page: Volume 1; P.89-93Content: Discussion on different types of percent problems. Examples will be given for students to practice. Reference page: 251
Students who are comfortable with the percent concept will have the opportunity to work on their TenMarks assignment on "Percent Relationships" 
 WednesdayContent: We will use P.96 to practice additional questions. Group 1 students will advance to percent on P.97 or using TenMarks assignment to watch videos on Percent Relationships.  

Content: Several word problems with percent concept will be practiced in class. The word problems will include some Data Analysis situations where we have to use the relationship of part to whole to find percent. Reference page: 253
 ThursdayContent: How to model percent in real-life situations and on the grid or a bar. We will continue to incorporate data collection/analysis into our percent lesson. 
 FridayHomework due: P. 95Homework due:
TenMarks assignment on "Percent Relationships" 

February 12 - February 16

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  Regular Math Honors Math
 MondayReview Coordinate pairs, locating points on the coordinate graph, finding distance between the 2 points, reflection over the x or the y-axis. 
Study for Quiz on Tuesday
Review similar polygons, scale factor, scale drawing and finding missing sides on indirect measurements. During the practice, we will also use the skills on setting up proportions, cross multiplication and solving equations. 
Study for Quiz on Tuesday. 
 TuesdayQuiz on Coordinate pairs, locating points on the coordinate graph, finding distance between the 2 points, reflection over the x or the y-axis.Quiz on similar polygons, scale factor, scale drawing and finding missing sides on indirect measurements. 
 WednesdayLesson on adding and subtracting integers. 
We will use a video for explanation and some real-life situations to demonstrate when the positive and negative integers will occur. 
Lesson on the concept of the relationship among fraction, decimal and percent. Focus will be on percent. We will use a video to demonstrate when percents are used and what they meant in real-life situations. 
 ThursdayContinue to practice on adding integers. Continue to practice on percent. 
 FridaySchool early dismissal at 11:00 am. Afternoon parent-teacher conference. 
Kahoot games on adding integers. 
Homework: Tenmarks assignment on adding integers. 
School early dismissal at 11:00 am. Afternoon parent-teacher conference. 

Kahoot games on percent.
Homework: TenMarks assignment on percent. 

February 5 - February 9

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  Regular Math Honors Math
 MondayContent: Continue exploring on comparing units from equations, tables and graphs. Students will learn to make decisions based on the information they found. Content: Scale drawing using ratios and proportions. 
 TuesdaySLO TestContent: Apply ratios and proportions into similar figures. Students will learn how to identify similar figures with key reasoning. (Formal Observation)
 WednesdayIntroduce the equivalence of decimal, fraction and percent. Review place value and how to write decimals in word form or as a fraction. Content: Continue to explore on scale drawing and similar figures. 
 ThursdayContinue with Wednesday's lesson. Review all of the skills we have learned. 
 FridayTenMark's assignment on decimal, fraction and percent. Quiz on scale drawing and similar figures. 

January 29 - February 2

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  Regular Math Honor's Math
 MondayContent: Apply ratio and unit rate concept into mathematical and real-world problems. P. 75Content: Identifying proportional relationships between 2 quantities. Students use ratio tables, descriptions, and coordinate graphs to determine whether the relationships are proportional or not. 
 TuesdayContent: Identifying equivalent ratios and rates. Using the unit rate to write an equation with the two quantities given. Introduce variables and how they can be used. Content: Identifying non-proportional relationships between 2 quantities. Understand the reasons behind the 2 quantities and why they are non-proportional. 
 WednesdayContent: Converting units of measure using ratio reasoning. Watch a video on TenMarks and then play 2 games on Kahoot.
Homework Due: P. 78, #19, 20, 24, 25 and 26. 
Content: Identifying the easiest way on how to solve proportions...ratios, cross multiplications and rates. 
 ThursdayContent: Introduce how to write an equation from tables and situations using 2 variables. Content: Solving one and two-step equations. 
 A worksheet will be provided for students to practice in class. 
 FridayContent: Students will compare situations using equations, tables, and graphs. They will define the unit rate from each situation and then compare. We will play 2 Kahoot games on proportional relationships and maybe solving proportions. 
Homework: 4 TenMarks assignments due on Monday. All of the assignments are on proportional relationships. 

January 22 to January 26

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 Kindness Spirit Week6th Math Honors Math
Content: The students who need to finish the Friday quiz will continue today. 
The rest of the class will work on an activity involving ratios/equivalent ratios and unit rate.
No homework
Content: The students who need to finish the Friday quiz will continue today. 
The rest of the class will work on an activity involving ratios/equivalent ratios and unit rate.
No homework
Content: We will continue with the ratio activity in class. The ones finish early will work on p.63 in volume 1. 

Content: We will continue with the ratio activity in class. 
(Tie Dye)
Content: continue practice equivalent ratios on P.63 & 65.
Introduce writing equations from ratios and proportional relationships. 
Content: continue practice on rates and ratio problems on p.75. Continue with writing equations from proportional relationships. 
(Sports Team)
Weekly homework due: PP.63 & 75 Weekly homework due: 2 TenMarks assignments. 

January 15 - January 19

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  Regular 6th Math Honors Math
 MondayNo School: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. DayNo School: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
 TuesdaySnow DaySnow Day
 WednesdayContent: Review vocabulary on P. 81 (crossword puzzle) and review how to create ratio tables and graph them on coordinate planes. 
Homework: P. 50 #1 - #3
Content: Use Bell Work to investigate which of the four ratios doesn't below. P. 204, #47
Students also review ratio and rate vocabulary with a handout. 
Homework: P. 204 #41 - #44, #45, #51 - #54
 ThursdayContent: Students will use the Mid-Chapter check on P. 58 to review for Friday's quiz. 
Homework: Study P. 58 and P. 81
Content: Practice simplifying complex fractions with unit rates. 
Homework: Study 5-1 to 5-3
 FridayQuiz: ratio, rate, unit rate, unit price, ratio table and graphing

Quiz: Lesson 5-1 to 5-3 

January 8 - January 12

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  Regular 6th Math (Volume 1) Honors Math
 MondaySnow (Ice) Day: No School  Snow (Ice) Day: No School 
 TuesdayContent: We will use the inquiry lab activities on pages 27 - 29 to help students understand the concept of unit rate. 
Vocabulary of the week: 
rate, unit rate, & unit price (per, in, for every)
Content: Lesson 5-1, This semester, we will start with Chapter 5, Ratio, proportions, and Similar Figures. We will focus on the basic concept of ratios and unit rates at the beginning. 

 WednesdayContent: continue exploring unit rate and then introduce ratio tables, pp. 32, 33, 40, 41
For group 1: we will include how to write a simple equation from observing the relationship from the ratio tables. 
Content: Lesson 5-2. Unit Rate and Unit Price
Homework: P. 188 #39 - #42, #56, #61 - #66
 ThursdayContent: graph the ratio tables, pp. 47, 48, 49
(added vocabulary for group 1 students: positive association, negative association, cluster, strong/weak positive, strong/weak negative) 
Content: Unite rate combined with writing expressions
Homework: P.193, #33 to #49
 FridayContent: review all of the skills we learn this week 
Weekly homework due: Volume 1 pp. 38 & 51
(As of this week, all 6th Math classes will receive one homework assignment per week. Students will have time throughout the week to practice and then turn it in on the last day of the week) 
Content: Lesson 5-3, Unite rate with complex fractions
In class practice: 
P. 198, #41 - #46
P. 199, #50 - #52
 Practice Links: (scroll down to Ratio section and pick any practice sessions) 
Practice Links: (go to the Money or Ratios Categories) 

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