Wolf (Nov 07)

Honor's Pre-K Class treated us (parents arriving to pick the kids up from school) to an impromptu performance of "The Three Little Pigs", the fairy tale they were studying in class.                                                                Back Home 

There were two 'Big Bad Wolves', and about 3 Little pigs per house - large cast for a small story! - and the teacher narrated, but it was a wonderful performance, and the kids were very cute.  Why spend so much time and effort on this little story? Well, the children were studying houses this week. Big houses, little houses. What kind of houses do people live in? What types of things do we find in houses? What is in our house? They had the opportunity to write/draw a little story about houses (Houses that are short, houses that are tall) and they talked about what houses could be made of.  Good theme to fit the 3 Little Pigs into! 

Go here to see a VIDEO.        

 Pre-show - Honor and her fellow Big Bad Wolf get ready to get those pigs!: 

 Here is the house of straw: 

and you know the wolves blew it down. Then the little pigs ran to their brother's house, the house of sticks: 

Which the wolves huffed and puffed down too. (The kids made their crowns and props, btw.). So all the wolves, except one little girl wolf, ran to the house of bricks - the other ran to her mommy in the audience and then she and her mom ran to the brick house with all of the other little piggies!

Well, the wolves huffed and puffed, but they could NOT blow the big, strong house made of bricks down! So they decided to climb up to the chimney!  O! But those clever pigs lit a fire in the fireplace!

and the wolves ran far, far away! 

Leaving the little pigs to live happily ever after in the fine house of bricks!