Walk in the Park


 Al-Azhar Park - Cairo, Egypt


We went to a party at Al-Azhar Park and were pleasantly suprised at all of the fountains and ponds. This waterfall fed into a pond teeming with small fish. We rented an enclosed sunroom (a number of pregnant friends needed the AC and comfortable seating!)  and the room looked right out on the water - all the kids present spent a lot of time glued to the windows.  Brad spent a lot of time chasing Brian all around the edges of the pond. The guards gave Brian some bread to feed the fish, and he loved that. 


 Train Ride

 As it was a very hot day, we had ladies who didn't need to be hiking, and toddlers who couldn't, we went on a tram (train) ride around the park to view the gardens.  There was a tour guide - I am sure she told us interesting things - but we were sharing a seat with 3 excited pre-schoolers and needless to say, we didn't hear much. It was fun anyway.

 Spring Flowers

It's actually been very cool here this Spring. The flowers are in full bloom and everything is very beautiful, green and covered in blossoms.



City Scape - View of a Mosque    

 The Park is in Cairo, high up on a rise. It looks out to the city in many directions and the view is spectacular.

This is a picture of one of the many Mosques of the city. It was a very hazy day.






 Another Mosque

 Rather lost in the haze, but still picturesque.  The pollution here is a sad fact of life. We should be able to see the Pyramids on our daily commute, but catching sight of them through the haze is an exception and not the rule.


 Ruins of a City Wall  

 Along one side of the park was an ancient city wall - they are in process of repairing and restoring it. I'm sure the guide said something interesting about it, but I couldn't hear! I enjoyed simply seeing the sights, and riding on the train with a bunch of happy kids. 



Another Side of the Park

One nice Mosque Tower  amidst more typical Cairo buildings.





The Entrance of the Park    

This is a view across the street from the Park entrance. The city of the dead. Each small 'building' is a crypt, and this 'city' covers acres. It is very strange to drive through, but it is on a main road.   

 Cool Hillside Ruins

 Driving back home, past all the crypts, I looked up on the hillside and saw this interesting structure behind some modern, well-maintained, crypts. I've no idea if it is a crypt, an old house, and old mosque? No idea, but it blended right in to the hill, and I was surprised that this photo taken through the window of a moving truck, came out as well as it did. 

 Driving to Ma'adi   

The next few pictures were taken on the drive from al-Azhar park to al-Ma'adi. Random, mobile, sight-seeing. Note the Chevy in the foreground. It gives new meaning to the term 'truck bed' - it has a 'headboard'... and this is a plain one. Many have elaborately carved wooden 'headboards'. The black & white in front is one of the ever-present taxis.

 Low Clearance

 Do you know exactly how tall your vehicle is? Driving around Cairo has really taught me the corners of my truck - including how tall it is (yes, I've had to stop, get out, and measure at times).  I also have learned why it's important to have folding side mirrors, and that enough guys standing on the running boards can get tall SUV's under low-hanging obstacles.


Another Mosque   

I like this style best.  It is clean and simple. Very natural and 'made by hand' looking. I do appreciate the big, fancy, beautiful mosques as they can be absolutely breath-taking, but I like this type the best.   






 How to Build a Building:    

 Make a concrete and rebar shell (use lots of rebar); get lots of bricks and fill in the shell; plaster the bricks - add windows, doors and paint.. voile, a building.  Scares me to see the guys on bare scaffolding hauling bricks in baskets, etc. No such thing  as OSHA...  


 Veggie Stand 

 I snapped this photo out the front of the truck as it was going around a bend.  I end up deleting a lot of my random shots - thank goodness for digital! - but I also find some good bits. I Photoshop'ed this one and love the result. I cropped away the inside of the car, straightened the photo, made it black and white, and altered the contrast and clarity. It turned out very lovely.